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ok.  Team in Training Kick off party is tomorrow night.  not quite sure what to expect, but i’m assuming this is when i’ll get to meet my mentor, coaches, staff members, and other participants (possible running buddies?!), not to mention get my training schedule.  the first official run is this Saturday (before sunrise?) and i’m expected to run 3 miles.  so, since i’ve never really ran before, i dragged myself to the gym last night with the goal of doing a single mile without dropping below a “run.”  i started off with a brisk walk for about 2 minutes and then pushed that little up arrow until i saw 4.0 on the speedometer (ok, it was more of a jog…but baby steps, people!).  i went at this pace for a mile without too much of a struggle, and then dropped back down to my brisk walk pace to do another mile or so.  i dont think i’ve ever spent that much time on a treadmill.  in my life.  serious.

a good runner needs awesome gear right?  my wish list:  a good pair of running shoes (the uglier they are, the better right?), a running skirt (hahah, don’t pretend like you don’t know me), ipod shuffle (still debating if i should train with music or not), sweet runner’s watch (angled just perfectly for me to countdown the seconds til the run is over…)


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  1. good job! are you running at memorial tomorrow?

    ps. my sis got me a great watch…it’s the timex ironman. cheap & works great! and i think you should defnitely run with music once you get into longer mileage. it totally makes the time pass a little faster! let me know if you need a running buddy!

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