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so i’m not quite sure what possessed me to commit to this.  maybe it’s because i need to get back into shape…  or maybe because i love a challenge… while these things are definitely reasons, in actuality, it’s because i was inspired by one of my closest friends, Kim.  i remember when i learned that she herself was training to run a half marathon in honor of her mom who was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2005 and is now in remission. yay!

i was very proud of Kim for being so determined and accomplishing so much.  since Kim’s first half in 2006, she has signed on to join the Team in Training staff as their Campaign Coordinator and actually completed her SECOND half marathon this past November. (gooo Kim!)  Because of her connection to Team in Training and me, i have been given the honorable title “(un)official TNT Graphic Designer”  i designed a banner for them last year for the annual Houston Marathon and while i was working on my most recent project for TNT, i made the decision to join them in their ongoing efforts in finding a cure.

me with the banner i designed!

I plan to run in the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in Seattle in June.  Training kicks off in February when I will give up my Friday nights for those early morning Saturday runs.  oh, btw…  i.  am.  NOT.  a.  runner.  i honestly don’t think i have EVER ran an entire (single) mile without some walking breaks in there…  while i’m very excited, i’m just a tad bit scared.  but hey, i love a challenge.  : )



  1. whoo! go mariel go! i’m so happy that you are joining our TNT family OFFICIALLY as a runner and not just behind the scenes. 😉 you will be awesome and i can’t wait to see you cross that finish line!! (ps i just did the half in november – my legs like 13.1 better than 26.2 haha)

  2. hi mariel! so proud of you for committing to such a great cause! i just completed my 1st ever half too….it’s a crazy feeling to know you could run so far! and like you, i am NOT a runner! good luck & happy training! jae and i will be making a donation very soon!

    ps. what group will you be training with?

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