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so today was my first saturday “long run.”  we started with a single loop around Memorial Park (2.9 miles).  i will admit that i struggled a little, but after being out there, meeting new friends, and really understanding why i’m doing this, i’ve made the decision to train for the FULL 26.2 miles.  Coaches Aly and Bill assured me that this training season was well enough time to train a beginner like me to do a full marathon, and they also said that i could always change my mind closer to event day.  sooo, i figured why not?  i’ll train for the full, and if i realize that i’m just not ready, then there’s no shame in scaling back.  how exciting!

now.  on to the run:  we were all warned that it was important to go ahead and set a run/walk pace for yourself.  it was suggested to start off with a 3/1 (3 min run/1 min walk) and then i could work myself through to 4/1, 5/1, etc…  i didn’t really have a way to pace myself, so i just played it by ear.  i also happened to get to know another girl on the team so talking with her for the last half of the loop really helped the time go by.  in the end, it was glorious to see the finish and i really did feel a sense of accomplishment.  it was only 8am and i had run 3 miles!  afterwards, we all went to Finish Strong for an apparel clinic.  i got fitted for a pair of shoes and yes, they are hideous looking, but i can already tell that they will make the world of a difference on my feet.  i am eager to do my next run with them!  : )


my wish list:  a good pair of running shoes (the uglier they are, the better right?), a running skirt (hahah, don’t pretend like you don’t know me), ipod shuffle (still debating if i should train with music or not), sweet runner’s watch (angled just perfectly for me to countdown the seconds til the run is over…)


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  1. what?! you’re doing the full marathon now?! that’s awesome! i’m seriously proud of you for pushing yourself so hard. keep up the good work – you can do it!

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