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let’s see… since my last post, i purchased a new pair of shoes so i could finally utilize my clipless pedals!  (sidenote: they call them clipless even though you “clip” in and out of them… i dont get it)  i searched far and wide because i wasn’t really ready to blow $150+ on them, but at the same time, i really wanted cute ones… every single pair i picked up at the first store i went to were the wrong cleat formation… i really wanted a white pair.  after 4 different stores, i was almost ready to just give in and pay the $140 for a pair that were nothing more than “meh.”  i had the box in my hand and was making my way towards the register when i noticed… the clearance table.  jackpot.  i found these:

cute, huh?  yea.. i think so.  later that week i made my way to cycle spectrum to get them to put my clipless pedals in as well as pick up a few items for my first ever ride to come.  i made it out the door just at $100, but got a ton: spare tube, saddle bag, co2 cartridges, tire levers, and a new seat!  exciting!  i went home and mounted my bike to the trainer so i could practice clipping in and out…. it def takes some getting used to.  sunday rolled around and it was time to venture out to my first sanctioned ride.  Steph found one in Alvin, TX that had a 30 miler available.  we got there around 7a and the place was practically empty, she said it was the first ride she’s ever seen that wasn’t so packed.  i did my best to keep up with her (she’s got two ms150s under her belt) and if i dont say so myself.. i didnt do too bad.  i made it the entire ride WITHOUT falling!  Steph was a great coach because we would approach a stop and she would remind me to clip out and so forth.  So that really helped.  by the time we finished, i was pretty pooped.  we got off and checked out all the goodies at the finish… all i could think about was how shaky and wobbly my legs were!  how in the WORLD was i going to run 6 miles after that!?  ridiculous.  that first mile of running is gonna be a fast walk at best…. ha.

the next day?  butt sore.  like bad.  i even had some decently padded shorts on.  guess that’s why training is important… to get that saddle time in.  im hoping that my next ride wont be as hard to recover from!

swim: today was my first day in the pool in about a week.  very sad… i have about 97 days until the big day and i can barely do 4 laps back to back to back.. i have vowed to start going to the pool everyday… we’ll see how that goes.  today’s workout turned out to be good though.  i tried my best to focus on my arm movement which allowed my legs to rest a little more which made me less tired!  im excited to go back tomorrow!

swim:  ok, so since my last post, i went to academy and found a new pair of goggles.  i went up to the next price point which was $11.99 for some Nike ones.. i was much more inquisitive this time around… opening up the packages and inspecting the type of strap, etc.  i settled on a pair that had one single strap that looped around each end of the goggles to create the double strap that went around your head.  quite intriguing.  it also seemed better b/c of the way you tightened it.  so i went to the pool on thursday evening after work… it was packed!  there were 6 people in the pool when i got there, and there were only THREE LANES.  a dude got out of a lane and said that it was my turn, but the chick he was sharing the lane with looked super hardcore and i def didn’t wanna piss her off. so i waited a little longer to see if another spot would open up.  one finally did, and i got in, excited to see how the new goggles worked out… poop.  they were ultimate crap.  same leakage problem right under my eyes… maybe my face is shaped funny?  anywho, i did my best to get some more laps in, but didn’t do as many as i had hoped… i did 6.  : /  the next day, i returned the new pair of goggles and just switched brands completely… this time i got TYRs.  i dont know anything about the brand, but i had heard of them and they got ok reviews when i did a cursory search online…  sooo. saturday morning, i made my way back to the pool again… i got there about 8.40ish and there was a free lane.  sweet.  i put my goggles on (they’re hot pink, btw. super cute) and swam.  i made it the entire lap fairly easily and my goggles worked great!  i was able to actually get somewhat of a rhythm working.. but i guess not really with my breathing b/c i was really struggling with that!  i found myself struggling every time i took a breath.  ugh.  so disappointing.  then around 8.55ish i got kicked out for the water aerobics class… ohhh man… cankles galore!  gross.  i got out of the pool and on my way out the door i picked up a group x schedule to make sure that i am aware of when these aqua classes occur… sat mornings at 9a and monday nights at 6.30p.  good to know.  im excited to go back and really try to nail this!

bike:  i got a hand-me-down trainer today.  pretty exciting!  as soon as i got home from dinner, i hooked my bike up to it and got on.  it will be good to give me a chance to get used to changing gears and such.  i finally bought a pair of bike shorts, so i hope to actually go for a ride soon!  i was holding out to buy shorts first b/c i was scared that biking for the first time without the shorts would traumatize me… ha.

ugh.  how disappointing.

so i signed up for a gym membership last night online and went today to get some laps in the pool.  one lap is 25 m, the race will be 1.5 km (about .93 mil) which is 60 laps.  whew, i get out of breath just thinking about it.  i jumped into the pool and got down to business.  my first go i couldn’t finish the lap without stopping… i think i’d like to blame it on my goggles.  ha.  about 2/3’s of the way down, they were letting water in!  i have come to the conclusion that they don’t stay tight on my head so maybe i’ll have to invest in a new pair.  ok, so i kept trying to trudge through and i think i was able to swim the entire 2nd lap, that’s a start!  that was probably the one and only that i did all the way through… i did figure out some technique issues that i could work on, so maybe that’s the key.  my arms aren’t really moving large (?) enough to make me move through the water?  anywho, i need to just keep working on it.  so the disappointing part… i did a total of um, maybe, 5 laps?  haha.  in um.. 20 min?  i did stand and fiddle with my goggles between each lap (plus catch my breath) so that factors in.  *sigh*  i haven’t given up just yet.  my plan is to do some laps every other day or so and just try to get it down.

the scary part is that during the race, the water wont be shallow enough for me to stand there and catch my breath if i need to… unlike running, i can walk and give myself a break anytime… and treading water takes a lot of energy too!  so i really hope i can do this.

oh… the title of this post… ha.  i got out of the pool and i almost collapsed bc my legs felt like jello.  : (

so i had my first lesson yesterday morning.  i was pretty pumped and ready to get  this under my belt.  my instructor is a very good friend of mine, Taylor.  he coached a swim team every summer during college and swimming is his thing, so he is very qualified.  we got in the pool and i was just like… ok.  what now?  he started off by showing me what my arms were supposed to do in the water.  i just stood there for a bit and practiced the arm movements and then he urged me to actually do it.  so i strapped my goggles on and went under.  i did pretty well with my arms, but… i forgot that i was supposed to hold my breath.  LOL.  it’s funny because every sport i’ve ever played/tried, you never really have to THINK about breathing… you just do it.  when you swim, there are so many different things to concentrate on that it gets pretty complicated fast.  we were in the water for about 30-40 minutes and i was almost able to make one whole lap… but something screwed up with my goggles and they were letting water in… and i was super hungry, so we called it a day.  he said i didn’t do too bad for my first ever time trying it out, and i think i just need to practice.   barely making one lap to about 70… wish me luck!

Well, me and my friend, Steph, have picked the event we want to do so mark your calendars! (this weekend, I found out that I had a follower… shout out to kimpho!) We will be participating in the Memorial Hermann Houston Triathlon in Cypress, TX on September 26, 2010.  This will be an OLYMPIC distance = 1 mile swim, 25 mi cycle, and 6 mi run.  We chose this event for several reasons: 1) it’s in the Houston area, 2) the water will more than likely be warm enough that a wetsuit will not be required, and that saves $100+!  and 3) it’s far enough away that we can get a schedule worked out and I can learn to swim… ha.

Speaking of learning to swim… I got my new Speedo bathing suit in the mail yesterday!  It was on sale at for only $23!  This will be used for all my lesson/training swims.  For the actual event, there is an article of clothing called the “tri short.”  These are similar to bike shorts bc they have the padded support for you seat bones to protect your tushy, but in a special material that doesn’t soak up as much water so that you can wear them to swim in!  Genius!

I found a 20-week program and worked backwards from the event date.  That puts us at a May 10 start for training!  I have just under two weeks to figure out this swim thing…  I plan to schedule my first lesson for this weekend.  The training program suggests that you be able to swim for 30 min before beginning, so I’m not quite sure what I’m getting myself into!  I have a great teacher on board, so I think I’ll be fine.

so I picked up my bike today!! I was at work when I got the call, and I cut out a little early to go home and change (I had a dress on) so that I can get all aquainted with my new baby. The dude at Cycle Spectrum is super friendly so it was really easy to ask questions and get fitted properly. I didn’t load up on too many accessories, just the essentials: helmet (I got a super girly one) tire pump, and non clip in pedals. So I figured I’d be ok to just fold my seats down and transport my bike that way, but it is tremendous work! I think I see a bike rack in my future…

and now… pictures!

so for those of you interested:

Aluminum frame with carbon fiber fork and seatstays with Shimano Ultegra shifters AND derailleurs (triple front).  That’s right folks… I said Ultegra.  : )

Looking forward to my first ride.

well, it’s been almost a year since i last updated.. a lot has happened since.  In a nutshell, I ran the Seattle full in June, then the Chicago Rock n Roll Half in August, took a break from running for awhile, but didn’t really stick to the 6miles/week pledge I made to myself sooo I have decided to take on a new challenge, the triathlon.  This time I will be training with a couple of girlfriends and doing an event here in Texas.  We are about 20+ weeks away from the event and there is a lot to do!  Hmm, learn how to swim… get my bike… start training!

I spent the past couple of days searching for the perfect bike for me… I knew I didn’t wanna blow the bank, but at the same time, I wanted some great quality that would hopefully keep up with me and my training.  I don’t think I’ve ever riden a bike longer than around the block, and I’ve definitely never riden a road bike… but I am excited to try and hopefully get hooked.  After 2 days and 5 bike shops later, I found the best bang for my buck, The Motobecane Sprint:

I’ve put a deposit down, it is on order, and it should be here this week!  yayy to getting new toys!

so it’s obviously been a long time since i last updated.  let me think… the saturday after the 6 miler, i was going to be snowboarding in colorado and if i didn’t do the 8 miler on my own, i’d have to do TEN miles the saturday after my trip.  sooo, i got up extra early on thursday morning to run the 8 miles on my own. something i learned: running by yourself is no bueno.  i ran through river oaks and i assumed that it wouldn’t be too bad, but it was fairly dark for the first hr of my run and i was pretty paranoid…. soooo, i will prolly never run by myself ever again.  its no fun either.  

ok, so i did the 8 miles without too much of a struggle, it was a challenge but i def felt great afterwards like always!  i went snowboarding that weekend (it was my first time ever) and unfortunately, at the beginning of day 2, i took a pretty bad spill face first into the snow and hurt my chest pretty badly.  after going to the dr when i got back home, her diagnosis was a hematoma in my spleen.  it sounds bad, but it really isn’t.  it’s basically just a bruise on my spleen.  she said that it would just dissipate back into my body on its own and the best we can do is get a CT scan now and another in a month to make sure that it is getting smaller.  i’m not that worried about it, and the dr said that it can’t get any worse with my running, so no worries there either.

ok, so i was in a pretty good amount of pain that week i got back so i didnt do any of my maintenance runs during the week.  at all.  the saturday came for the big jump into the double digits, and i did make it out and i did complete that!  it was amazingly much better than the week previous.  for the 8 miles, i ran a 4/1, but for the 10 miles, i was a little worried about my spleen so i thought it might be best if i scaled back to a 3/1 and for whatever reason, i ran the 10 miles faster than the 8 miles the week before!  it felt amazing.  

so, the weather turned pretty sour the week following that 1o miler and i was extremely EXTREMELY busy at work/school, so i missed ALL of my maintenance runs AGAIN.  (bad, i know)  to make matters worse, i completely skipped the long run the following saturday.  (it was only the first one i have ever missed)  i did learn something from that absence…  i completely missed it.  my saturday felt so unproductive and terrible because i didnt run that morning!  it was horrible.  i felt pretty sluggish the entire day.  i guess it was good so now i know not to miss anymore of those saturday long runs!

ok, so now we’re all pretty caught up.  yesterday, we did our run by time instead of distance.  this means that the full marathoners were to run out for an HOUR then turn around and come back.  it was def one of my harder runs because 1) my running buddy wasn’t there and 2) i didn’t even make it to the water stop, i think our coaches over estimated some of us and put it out too far.  all in all, it wasn’t too bad.  it just felt good to get out there again.  after our run, a nutritionist came and talked to us about how important it was to fill our bodies with good, healthy food!  apparently, it’s quite important for 60-70% of our caloric intake be from carbohydrates.  what we did learn was that the term carbohydrate is much broader than most people think.  it is not just limited to those starchy carbs that everyone knows about (pastas, breads, potatoes)  but it also includes things like fruits and veggies and dairy!  it was quite informative and starting today, i will begin a food diary to keep track of what exactly i am putting into my body.  i guess it’s important to understand what you are doing before you can correct it?  i have already been trying to be more conscious about what foods i eat, so i’m hoping that i won’t be too surprised about what i find out.

ok, this one was a long post!  i have a ton of things going on at work so i’m hoping to keep up with this as well as i can and i vow to do all my runs this week!  yay!  GO TEAM!

so this past saturday was SIX miles.  i actually enjoyed a lot of the run b/c we ran through some River Oaks-ish neighborhood off Kirby.  it was quite peaceful and the change of scenery was nice.  the run/walk method is amazing!  i def would not have been able to get through all six miles with out it.  to anyone that may be intimidated by the idea of running/jogging/walking higher numbers of miles, i would highly suggest the run/walk method.  there was not a point in my 6 miles that i felt that i was going to die, so i take that as a great sign, right?  afterwards, we had a physical therapist come in and show us the correct ways to stretch those aching muscles back into shape.  it was great!  i never thought that i would say this, but running is fun.  the sense of accomplishment that you feel when its all over is amazing.