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let’s see… since my last post, i purchased a new pair of shoes so i could finally utilize my clipless pedals!  (sidenote: they call them clipless even though you “clip” in and out of them… i dont get it)  i searched far and wide because i wasn’t really ready to blow $150+ on them, but at the same time, i really wanted cute ones… every single pair i picked up at the first store i went to were the wrong cleat formation… i really wanted a white pair.  after 4 different stores, i was almost ready to just give in and pay the $140 for a pair that were nothing more than “meh.”  i had the box in my hand and was making my way towards the register when i noticed… the clearance table.  jackpot.  i found these:

cute, huh?  yea.. i think so.  later that week i made my way to cycle spectrum to get them to put my clipless pedals in as well as pick up a few items for my first ever ride to come.  i made it out the door just at $100, but got a ton: spare tube, saddle bag, co2 cartridges, tire levers, and a new seat!  exciting!  i went home and mounted my bike to the trainer so i could practice clipping in and out…. it def takes some getting used to.  sunday rolled around and it was time to venture out to my first sanctioned ride.  Steph found one in Alvin, TX that had a 30 miler available.  we got there around 7a and the place was practically empty, she said it was the first ride she’s ever seen that wasn’t so packed.  i did my best to keep up with her (she’s got two ms150s under her belt) and if i dont say so myself.. i didnt do too bad.  i made it the entire ride WITHOUT falling!  Steph was a great coach because we would approach a stop and she would remind me to clip out and so forth.  So that really helped.  by the time we finished, i was pretty pooped.  we got off and checked out all the goodies at the finish… all i could think about was how shaky and wobbly my legs were!  how in the WORLD was i going to run 6 miles after that!?  ridiculous.  that first mile of running is gonna be a fast walk at best…. ha.

the next day?  butt sore.  like bad.  i even had some decently padded shorts on.  guess that’s why training is important… to get that saddle time in.  im hoping that my next ride wont be as hard to recover from!

swim: today was my first day in the pool in about a week.  very sad… i have about 97 days until the big day and i can barely do 4 laps back to back to back.. i have vowed to start going to the pool everyday… we’ll see how that goes.  today’s workout turned out to be good though.  i tried my best to focus on my arm movement which allowed my legs to rest a little more which made me less tired!  im excited to go back tomorrow!


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