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swim:  ok, so since my last post, i went to academy and found a new pair of goggles.  i went up to the next price point which was $11.99 for some Nike ones.. i was much more inquisitive this time around… opening up the packages and inspecting the type of strap, etc.  i settled on a pair that had one single strap that looped around each end of the goggles to create the double strap that went around your head.  quite intriguing.  it also seemed better b/c of the way you tightened it.  so i went to the pool on thursday evening after work… it was packed!  there were 6 people in the pool when i got there, and there were only THREE LANES.  a dude got out of a lane and said that it was my turn, but the chick he was sharing the lane with looked super hardcore and i def didn’t wanna piss her off. so i waited a little longer to see if another spot would open up.  one finally did, and i got in, excited to see how the new goggles worked out… poop.  they were ultimate crap.  same leakage problem right under my eyes… maybe my face is shaped funny?  anywho, i did my best to get some more laps in, but didn’t do as many as i had hoped… i did 6.  : /  the next day, i returned the new pair of goggles and just switched brands completely… this time i got TYRs.  i dont know anything about the brand, but i had heard of them and they got ok reviews when i did a cursory search online…  sooo. saturday morning, i made my way back to the pool again… i got there about 8.40ish and there was a free lane.  sweet.  i put my goggles on (they’re hot pink, btw. super cute) and swam.  i made it the entire lap fairly easily and my goggles worked great!  i was able to actually get somewhat of a rhythm working.. but i guess not really with my breathing b/c i was really struggling with that!  i found myself struggling every time i took a breath.  ugh.  so disappointing.  then around 8.55ish i got kicked out for the water aerobics class… ohhh man… cankles galore!  gross.  i got out of the pool and on my way out the door i picked up a group x schedule to make sure that i am aware of when these aqua classes occur… sat mornings at 9a and monday nights at 6.30p.  good to know.  im excited to go back and really try to nail this!

bike:  i got a hand-me-down trainer today.  pretty exciting!  as soon as i got home from dinner, i hooked my bike up to it and got on.  it will be good to give me a chance to get used to changing gears and such.  i finally bought a pair of bike shorts, so i hope to actually go for a ride soon!  i was holding out to buy shorts first b/c i was scared that biking for the first time without the shorts would traumatize me… ha.


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