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ugh.  how disappointing.

so i signed up for a gym membership last night online and went today to get some laps in the pool.  one lap is 25 m, the race will be 1.5 km (about .93 mil) which is 60 laps.  whew, i get out of breath just thinking about it.  i jumped into the pool and got down to business.  my first go i couldn’t finish the lap without stopping… i think i’d like to blame it on my goggles.  ha.  about 2/3’s of the way down, they were letting water in!  i have come to the conclusion that they don’t stay tight on my head so maybe i’ll have to invest in a new pair.  ok, so i kept trying to trudge through and i think i was able to swim the entire 2nd lap, that’s a start!  that was probably the one and only that i did all the way through… i did figure out some technique issues that i could work on, so maybe that’s the key.  my arms aren’t really moving large (?) enough to make me move through the water?  anywho, i need to just keep working on it.  so the disappointing part… i did a total of um, maybe, 5 laps?  haha.  in um.. 20 min?  i did stand and fiddle with my goggles between each lap (plus catch my breath) so that factors in.  *sigh*  i haven’t given up just yet.  my plan is to do some laps every other day or so and just try to get it down.

the scary part is that during the race, the water wont be shallow enough for me to stand there and catch my breath if i need to… unlike running, i can walk and give myself a break anytime… and treading water takes a lot of energy too!  so i really hope i can do this.

oh… the title of this post… ha.  i got out of the pool and i almost collapsed bc my legs felt like jello.  : (


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