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so i had my first lesson yesterday morning.  i was pretty pumped and ready to get  this under my belt.  my instructor is a very good friend of mine, Taylor.  he coached a swim team every summer during college and swimming is his thing, so he is very qualified.  we got in the pool and i was just like… ok.  what now?  he started off by showing me what my arms were supposed to do in the water.  i just stood there for a bit and practiced the arm movements and then he urged me to actually do it.  so i strapped my goggles on and went under.  i did pretty well with my arms, but… i forgot that i was supposed to hold my breath.  LOL.  it’s funny because every sport i’ve ever played/tried, you never really have to THINK about breathing… you just do it.  when you swim, there are so many different things to concentrate on that it gets pretty complicated fast.  we were in the water for about 30-40 minutes and i was almost able to make one whole lap… but something screwed up with my goggles and they were letting water in… and i was super hungry, so we called it a day.  he said i didn’t do too bad for my first ever time trying it out, and i think i just need to practice.   barely making one lap to about 70… wish me luck!


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