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well, it’s been almost a year since i last updated.. a lot has happened since.  In a nutshell, I ran the Seattle full in June, then the Chicago Rock n Roll Half in August, took a break from running for awhile, but didn’t really stick to the 6miles/week pledge I made to myself sooo I have decided to take on a new challenge, the triathlon.  This time I will be training with a couple of girlfriends and doing an event here in Texas.  We are about 20+ weeks away from the event and there is a lot to do!  Hmm, learn how to swim… get my bike… start training!

I spent the past couple of days searching for the perfect bike for me… I knew I didn’t wanna blow the bank, but at the same time, I wanted some great quality that would hopefully keep up with me and my training.  I don’t think I’ve ever riden a bike longer than around the block, and I’ve definitely never riden a road bike… but I am excited to try and hopefully get hooked.  After 2 days and 5 bike shops later, I found the best bang for my buck, The Motobecane Sprint:

I’ve put a deposit down, it is on order, and it should be here this week!  yayy to getting new toys!


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  1. hope ya take a liking to it. gonna be fun!

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