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so this past saturday was SIX miles.  i actually enjoyed a lot of the run b/c we ran through some River Oaks-ish neighborhood off Kirby.  it was quite peaceful and the change of scenery was nice.  the run/walk method is amazing!  i def would not have been able to get through all six miles with out it.  to anyone that may be intimidated by the idea of running/jogging/walking higher numbers of miles, i would highly suggest the run/walk method.  there was not a point in my 6 miles that i felt that i was going to die, so i take that as a great sign, right?  afterwards, we had a physical therapist come in and show us the correct ways to stretch those aching muscles back into shape.  it was great!  i never thought that i would say this, but running is fun.  the sense of accomplishment that you feel when its all over is amazing.


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