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so week 2 run was yesterday morning.  we did 4 miles.  it is amazing how fast it flies by when you have someone to talk to!  this time, we didnt really run in the park, we started in Memorial, but our route took us out to Memorial Dr east to Shephard to Kirby then we turned around and ran back.  i was pretty sore after the first run last week, so this time i told myself that i really had to take the time and stretch afterwards.  guess i didnt do too good of a job bc i’m still in pain.  oh, but it feels good.  i kinda like the feeling of sore muscles because it makes me feel like i’m working super hard.

anyways, the run itself was pretty challenging.  Coach Aly talked to us before we started about the interval running again and how important it was to start off in that manner as opposed to running until you are tired THEN trying to do the walk/run method.  i had a really hard time doing the interval running bc i had no way of timing myself.  this lead me to thinking that i really really NEED a running watch. : )  nothing super fancy, but it has to have an interval timer so that it can beep every 5 min then 1 min then 5 then 1, etc…. sooo i didnt do too well with the interval running, but dont worry!  i JUST ordered the Nike Triax Mia in black.  it should be arriving before the 6 miles i have to do next saturday.  : D  having said that… i can now cross off everything on my wish list.  my ipod shuffle is on the way also.  i will prob’ly use this only when im running at the gym.  

i still cant fathom the fact that i will be doing double digits in a couple of weeks… lol, much less that 26.2 in june!  i can’t wait!


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  1. hahah just reading this blog is making me tired and achy all over!! I’m so proud of you Mariel! Keep it up, me and Ben will be rooting for your the whole way!! We’ll try to make it out to St. Arnold’s but if that’s not possible I will be sure to hit up your site to donate :o) Good luck this week

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